50+ ( Best ) Abstract GD topics with Answers

50+ Abstract GD topics with Answers

Abstract topics can be single words, such as ‘Blue’, short sentences, such as ‘All crows are white’, or even images or pictures. What they all have in common is they do not have any clearly defined framework of the topic within which the discussion must take place.

Abstract GD topics with Answers

50+ Abstract GD topics with Answers

  1. Smart work v/s Hard work
  2. There is no right way to do a wrong thing.
  3. Haste makes waste.
  4. Borderless world – a myth/reality?
  5. Food is more important than Ethics
  6. Good things come from good thinking
  7. Every cloud has a silver lining
  8. Brands and lives
  9. No man is an island.
  10. Activity that fetches small term fame is not good
  11. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong, everybody has a different opinion
  12. To be or not to be
  13. Tricky situation- simple solution
  14. If an alien lands on earth which country should he settle in?
  15. Life is full of cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it
  16. Ethics and values are utopian words
  17. Smart city
  18. Only thing constant is change
  19. The formulation of the problem is more important than finding its solution
  20. Wheel
  21. It is possible to mark the thin line that divides the right and the wrong
  22. Most important thing is beginning
  23. Be patient with friends and enemies
  24. Business of a business is Business
  25. It’s smart to be a little dumb
  26. Short prayers reach heaven
  27. Deal gently with the bird you want to catch
  28. Modernization is not westernization
  29. Free water vs free oxygen
  30. Knowledge without character is dangerous
  31. Magic Wand
  32. Ray
  33. Door
  34. Success is a journey, not a destination
  35. Might is always right
  36. Zero
  37. Size does matter
  38. Utopia
  39. Insanity is essential
  40. What’s there in a name?
  41. Happy versus successful
  42. “Black & White”
  43. Stay hungry, Stay Foolish
  44. Black Box
  45. There is always a tomorrow.
  46. Bharat vs. India
  47. It’s the time for Underdogs
  48. India 2025
  49. Majority vs. Minority

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