Ethics and values are utopian words | Best GD Topic

Ethics and values are utopian words | GD Topic

Life basically asks for happiness and contentment for one and for all. We have always been taught and teaching others to be sound and crisp ethically, morally and socially on one hand and to carry Values on the other hand that defines our inner being. This is applicable for all the creatures in this world. And all being associated to the world, sums up to the Ethics and Values of the World.

But ages have passed, generations have changed , life has changed and so are the people and their surroundings. World is loosing ethics and values to a greater extent at present as is evident from the facts that follows:

Ethics and values are utopian words

Ethics and values are utopian words | GD Topic

1. Destruction of the Environment: The environment has been devastatingly destroyed at present due to a lot of pollution, population and other harmful and highly unpleasant activities being into operation at multiple places in the world. We are not even heeding attention to the fact that in the process of being so cruel to the environment we are loosing the essence of nature and that may prove drastic results and even they are proving so. E.g: Development of Black hole, deforestation, killing of animals, depletion of ozone layer etc.

2. Man leading genocide and carnage: Putting all the values of human life aside and the ethics of being social and safeguarding mankind, man today has become enemy of man. We listen too frequently about carnage, mass killing, genocides, riots, murders, rape and likewise many inhumane ill activities that clearly indicates the world leading towards destruction and an unethical and valueless status. Women is not safe today, children are not safe today, even life has no guarantee and this is all that proves world getting unethical and valueless.

3. Mankind has lost it’s meaning: Nobody takes responsibility of being a social person and help the needy people of any kind today. Life and people both have become self-centered. Unless and until one gets benefited on personal grounds, all stones remain unturned. Humanity is now just lying in the dictionary as a word with meaning written in paper.

On the contrary, if we talk about the other side of the coin it’s like we can say that World has never lost and is not loosing it’s Ethics and Values today as for the reasons that follows:

 1)Development and progress: with the multiplying development and progress of all the different nations in different fields and sectors the world has in fact gained ethics and morals by raising the standards of living and making development and progress a key to succeed and proceed in life.

2)Increased Globalization: The entire world has now shrunken into a small hut where diversities have united like anything. Globalization has put a solid and sincere impact on lives of almost all in various parts of the world. Due to this increased globalization, the world is cross-sharing ethics and values among different parts and nations and that is resulting in improved versions of ethics and moral values.

3)Alertness and Awakening strategies: On a global level there have been developed multiple programmes and projects to flourish peace and prosperity world over. People have become much more alert and awake about the current situation and are living accordingly keeping in mind the infused facts that ethics and valus are above all other disciplines. So, on the contrary, the world is learning and gaining the ethics and values.

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