What Group Discussion Skills Required || [ Best ] GD Tips

What Group Discussion Skills Required || GD Tips

Group Discussion

Group Discussion or GD is a type of discussion that involves people sharing ideas or activities. People in the group discussion are connected with one basic idea. Based on that idea, everyone in the group represents his/her perspective.

Group Discussion

GD is a discussion that tests the candidate’s skills, such as leadership skills, communication skills, social skills and behavior, politeness, teamwork, listening ability, General awareness, confidence, problem-solving skills, etc.

The Group Discussion is generally the next level after the entrance exam to pursue a professional degree. In the case of recruitments, Group Discussion can be the starting or at the end, depending on different companies or organizations.

It is not fixed that the group discussion is always performed around the table. People can sit in any arrangement, but everyone should be able to see every face. It is not only the usual discussion, but it is also a discussion with knowledge and facts.

What Group Discussion Skills Required

GD skills

There are certain skills that must be learned as a candidate in order to crack a GD successfully.

They are:

#1) Interpersonal Skills: It is a skill that helps to convert a normal conversation into an impactful conversation. When we say that ‘you should sound confident’, it not only involves the way you speak but your overall appearance as a whole.

The soft skills required include using voice modulation, pronunciation and tone in an appropriate manner. One can take proper training in soft skills or imbibe some tips of presenting oneself in the corporate world.

#2) Leadership Quality: Among the crowd of talented candidates there’s always a chance of getting overshadowed and compressed.

It could be the case where even if the other candidate is less knowledgeable or mediocre in academics but his one quality of putting forth his positives and ability to control the situation ( here discussion) will make him/her earn a brownie point.

#3) Listening Quality: A good listener is a good Problem Solver. A good listener helps to build the other qualities that are required in GD such as analytical skill, critical thinking, communication, decision making, etc.

Listening not only helps to understand the topic from others point of view but also helps to think accordingly and reach the solution to the problem or discussion.

It is also a good gesture and a communication building block with the other candidates, as it gives a sense of respect for other views. Listening also makes one approachable and most importantly being listened to in return. In simple terms, if you want to be listened to by everyone then you should also listen to others. 

#4) Convincing Power: The ability to convince others by means of your speech is a great skill that is useful for any company. The candidate should be able to impact the other candidates through his thought process and indeed one must learn this skill. 

#5) Knowledgeable:  In order to be active in a discussion session, one must have an overall knowledge from all the sectors of the world. One should be reading newspapers, various fictions, non-fiction books, etc.

Latest updates in different fields such as current affairs, education, sports, travel, arts & science, etc. Again it is not necessary to have all facts and figures of the topic but it is enough to speak with confidence on the given topic.

These are some of the skills to remember and incorporate with in order to face the discussion with ease and confidence.


How to stay active throughout the GD?

You should bring out new ideas about the topic during the GD. Besides this, good eye contact and body language will also help you perform well in the GD round.

How can I understand the rules of GD?

You can check the rules of GD round from the official website of the college. Besides this, the interviewer will also tell you about the rules of GD

How to start a GD?

You should first understand the GD topic. After that, you should focus on presenting your views effectively

What are the positive task roles in GD?

Some of the positive task roles in GD are Tension Reliever, Opinion seeker, Summarizer and Clarifier

What skills are required to crack a GD?

Some of the skills required to crack a GD are Interpersonal skills, Presentation skills, Leadership skills and Convincing power

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