How to Enter a GD in the Middle of the Discussion [ Best ]

How to Enter a GD in the Middle of the Discussion

How to Enter a GD in the Middle of the Discussion

How to Enter a GD in the Middle of the Discussion

How to Enter a GD in the Middle of the Discussion

  • Listen intently – In case you are planning to start the GD, keep your ears open and observe what the other speakers are talking about. Listening not only gives you positive marks but also gives you an insight into what the other participants think about the topic and you can prepare your points accordingly. It is immensely helpful if you don’t understand the topic.
  • Target the low points – There are high and low points in a GD, i.e. when the discussion is at its peak (high) or when the contestants have concluded their point (low). You have to target the low points and glide into the discussion effortlessly.
  • Continue where the participants have left – When a participant is done putting up his or her point, you can jump into the conversation and talk about why you agree or disagree with their points and put forward your views.
  • Express dissent – Putting forth unpredictable points is a crucial part of the GD. If you have a different take on the subject or have something new to present, you should put it forth very clearly with reasons.

This is how you should put forward your point of discussion:

  1. Navigate the discussion
  2. Choose appropriate timing to enter in the discussion
  3. Do no leave a lot of time for follow up questions
  4. Do not take or assume lot of time so that other person cross-questions you
  5. Do not let the other person to speak for long stretches of time just because you do not have anything substantial to share

Learn to distinguish between Interrupting and Interjecting


  1. Raising your hand or showing hand gestures to stop the other person from speaking
  2. Saying rejoinders such as “yes, excuse me, but”; “yes but”; “well I agree but”; “Let me ask you this”; “let me say now that”
  3. “Excuse me” is considered as rude and sarcastic way to cut off someone’s discussion. So avoid using it.

Takeaway: Do not use such gestures to interrupt in the discussion as they can offend the speaker


  1. Using the rejoinders in a polite manner, even if you wish to interrupt the other person
  2. Speaking lines such as “That was a great point and I would like to add that”
  3. If you wish to contradict, then putting your disagreement by speaking “that was really well put, however…”

Takeaway: Nobody would feel offensive, when you would interject in between the discussion. You would even make other person feel interested in listening to your opinion (content) as well


Step 1: Wait for the other person to wind up their point.

Step 2: Then speak some polite line to enter into the discussion as discussed above.********

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