[ Best ] How Your Outfit Might Affect Your GD Score

How Your Outfit Might Affect Your GD Score

Hope you have appeared the entire national level entrance test to take admission in your targeted B-Schools. But appearing and scoring a fair percentile in entrance is not enough to get admission in a Top B-School of India.

There are many parameters in interview or GD/PI Process which are going to decide your final score to join MBA Colleges. One of the most important parameter is students outfit might affect your GD Score. On Which topics You Should prepare For GD.

The B-Schools who are conducting GD/PI in different cities or venue check how you have dressed up and your body language.

Six tips to dress for GD/PI round of MBA admissions

We have been taught since childhood that ‘the first impression is the last impression’. Naturally, we always try to show our best side in the first meeting. People can create the first impression through various ways such as – good behavior, table manners or dressing sense. Let’s take a look at some key tips for dressing well for GD/PI.

1. Neat & Tidy Formal Clothing

Formal dressing is recommended for GD/PI at MBA institutes. Boys can wear formal suits or shirt and formal pants. Tie and blazers are not compulsory, but if you are comfortable in wearing these things, carry on. Girls can wear a formal shirt accompanied with either a formal skirt or pants. Again, the blazer is an option. Dirty spots on your outfit may leave a bad impression on the interviewer. Make sure whatever you wear is neat and tidy. On the day of GD/PI, take care of where you sit, where you keep your hands and how you eat so that the tidiness of your outfit is maintained.

2. Go for Light Colour Outfit:
While going for Interview or Group Discussion of any B-School, always opt for light colour attire as its going to give a decent and smart look. Try to avoid dark and neon colour outfits as it’s meant for evening or parties. For both girls and boys it is advised to attend interview with light colour dresses.

3. Creased / Ironed

Outfit Might Affect Your GD Score

Iron your dress beforehand. Do not wait till the date of GD/PI. Get your outfit ready a night or a day before. A messy outfit depicts a messy person. Therefore, look smart by wearing smart. Wear a well-ironed pair of suit so as to look well dressed.

4. Polish & Formal Boots:
As footwear is also a part of your dress so, don’t forget to pay attention to your boots. Boys should go with leather formal shoes and girls can go with formal heels. Before the day of interview don’t forget to clean your shoes.

5. Wear Light Colours

Opt for a light-coloured outfit on the day of the interview or group discussion. Colours like light blue, light baby pink, white, off-white, light brown or light grey can be worn. Both girls and boys can wear any of the above mentioned colours. Dark colours are mostly meant for evenings, while interviews are generally scheduled in mornings or afternoons. It is not that you can’t wear dark colours. Just make sure, it doesn’t look over the top. Also, neon colours are big no-no.

6. Comfortable Clothes

Whatever you wear should be comfortable. Do not wear clothes that are either too tight or too loose. If your clothes are not of your size, then get them altered beforehand. Girls should make sure that the skirts they wear should not be too short. Be comfortable in what you are wearing. Else, your discomfort might harm the way you present yourself.

7. Dress Smartly

Outfit Might Affect Your GD Score

Looking smart has its benefits. However, looking smart doesn’t guarantee selection, but yes it does play a role in leaving good impression.

8. Clean Boots

Your footwear is also a part of your dressing. Wear footwear that compliments your outfit. Formal shoes with formal outfits are the norm, so follow that. Also, make sure that your shoes are squeaky clean. Check your shoes once again before entering the interview room.

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