Might is always right | Might Is Always Right Or Right Is Might??

Might is always right | Might Is Always Right Or Right Is Might??

“Might is always right” is a phrase that has both positive and negative attributes to it depending on the situation. It mostly describes that people on power are the ones who determine what is right and what is wrong. It is mostly used in a negative sense to mean that one who is powerful can have great control over their actions and can at times also turn their wrongs into rights. It mostly threatens the freedom of expression, discourages any scope of counter arguments and alternatives that might have the potential to favor a group of people and their ideas.

Might is always right | Might Is Always Right Or Right Is Might??

However, the meaning also depends on the situation and the cause as well. During ancient period as decisions were considered final. The kings and their warriors defeated the weaker kingdoms and annexed them to their existing and that is how great kingdoms came into existence. The king and his trusted warriors would set the rules and run the kingdom. The supporters of the King also considered it essential in maintaining the political scenario while the opponents considered it morally unjustified.

Anyone can be right or wrong but the right thing should never be downtrodden. The boss or might should understand the situation and listen to others too. They are not the perfect leader. A leader is the one who keep the whole team United & come across the perfect and genuine decision. Listen to everyone and then decide what is right or wrong. Blind decisions or superimposing wrong decisions over right will create problem in future.

“Might is always right”, this approach used to be followed during British rule when we were slave but now in the democratic arena, everyone have the equal right to present their ideas. The ideas must be valued and kept in consideration by so-called bosses, politicians or decisions makers.

Let’s take a simple example from the game of cricket, it does not matter idea comes from from the mind of a bowler, wicketkeeper, batsman or caption, the idea must lead to win the team in the game. The greatest caption of Indian Cricket Team M.S.Dhoni follows the principle of team management and he listens to everyone in the team, this is the fact he is the most successful caption. We can see various captions who think only their mind can generate best ideas. Such thinking stops them from being successful.

No: Might is not always right:

The following points provide some ideas to which the above concept can be related:

  • When this concept is related with leadership, it is evident that a leader gets powerful not by the virtue of the position but by other qualities like persuasion skills or ability to create a comfortable environment where his followers can grow with him. Once the leader is able to relate with his followers his decisions and actions tend to get the required respect. The best examples would be of Warren Buffett, Aung San Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama and many more.
  • It can be related with the concept of privilege. For years a racial privilege was given in United States to the white people on the basis of their colour. They were considered as important and powerful thus got the right to make laws and regulations which was absolutely unfair.
  • It can be related with the dictatorship style of rule. The biggest example would be criticism of Adolf Hitler for being a ruthless dictator. He was a believer of the notion of survival of the fittest and his style of justice is widely unappreciated.
  • The rule by local powerful groups renders the punishment system in a democracy to be futile. For instance the beating up of Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNU student union chief by a group of powerful lawyers is unjust. This incident happened after he and his friends were already arrested, for shouting pro Pakistan slogans and the court proceedings were in shape.
  • This phrase is understood to be misquoted. The reverse of the proverb ‘Right is might’ makes better sense and promotes ethical behaviour.

Yes: Might is always right:

The following points provide some ideas to which the above concept can be related:

  • This phrase can be related with countries and companies taking the first move to adapt to the environment to be successful and superior to others. These countries and companies can be considered mighty and their doings can be considered right.
  • If might is used for a good purpose it is not wrong. For e.g. in India the judiciary is supreme and makes decisions in the benefit of everyone.
  • In a business scenario the customer is considered to the most important for the smooth functioning of a business. The requirements and needs of the customers are the reason for the existence of a business. Or in other words the consumer is said to be mighty.
  • It can be related with the battles and wars fought by kings and emperors, which are the best examples of the victory of the powerful in the battle field. Also the history provides ample evidence where the ruler had to surrender due to lesser territory and power.

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