Wheel | The Wheel is Turning Round and Round | Best Abstract GD Topic

Wheel | The Wheel is Turning Round and Round | Abstract GD Topic

The wheel was the first invention of the medieval period and they were quite happy with that can you imagine if there is no will in this world almost there is no movement of the vehicle not only in vehicles but it has its contribution for almost every sector of life when it goes around it not only reduces friction but reduces your efforts will provide its convenience due to its circular motion we can connect its core importance with various aspects of life and can learn a lot.

The time never waits for anyone, it’s like a wheel which keeps on whirling and anybody can’t stop it. So, we have to be a successful person in life, then we have to forward while maintaining synchronism with time and the persons who has failed to maintain this synchronism have to face failure in their lives.
Wheel | The Wheel is Turning Round and Round | Abstract GD Topic
We can see this phrase from another aspect -like a vehicle’s wheel keeps on whirling and whirling until it reaches the destination so there is a very nice message hidden here that we shouldn’t stop till we reach our goal, till we conquer our dreams.


Another aspect is that sometimes during whirling, the wheels got punctured but after some repair it again starts moving, this is giving a message that at some point of time we also fail in life but we shouldn’t stuck there we should keep moving forward again.

Conclusion-In a nutshell, the conclusion of this group discussion is that the example of wheel gives us so many inspiring traits that we should apply in our life to gain success.

Wheel is a very small word but have wide applications. Wheel’s first and foremost task is to rotate and the smart innovators and manufacturer’s are utilizing that wheel in various fields rather it be in a vehicle, be it in a vehicle, be it in a clock nut continuously rotating, in gears, in sensors, in indicators. This thing have a characteristic feature that it is made for continuous movement of wheel can be related to our life also. As this wheel do not stop before any hurdles and just moves round and round to provide a good mechanism and provide a continuous work of the machinery. We humans should take inspiration and never stop before any of the problematic situations in life, facing it courageously and completing the tasks and keep moving forward in our lives.

The wheel symbolizes the journey of our lives. Sometimes there is happiness and some times sorrow. But it never stops. So like the wheel, we should never get defeated in life. The time is momentary be it good or bad but the silver lining will soon reveal its self. So we must keep our strength to fight against the odds and always keep smiling even in the time of struggle cause we never know when the wheel turns and we must be prepared to welcome the good times with a smile.

As the proverb says “Time and Tide wait for none” The same way the wheel of life is constantly turning around one second and your whole life is changed.

Consider India, It is not the same as it was before. When we glance back at history, India and Pakistan were the same country. Now one can clearly see the rivalry between these two nations.

Start enjoying every moment of your life for it is never to come again.

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