( Best ) Door – Abstract GD Topic

Door – Abstract GD Topic

A ‘Door’ has a literal meaning of a moving mechanism used to block off, and allow an entrance to an enclosed space such as a building, room or vehicle. A door, as simple it sounds, can have different meanings and interpretations. Some people may think of new opportunities while some might think of dead ends. For a group discussion, some aspects of the term ‘Door’ are listed below.

1.) OPPUTUNITIES: Door simply represents a stage just behind any opportunity, you just have to get up and open it, and you have grabed it.

Door – Abstract GD Topic

2.) EFFORTS: Door has some inertia, either you want to open or close it you have to apply force. Same with life either you want start new or you want to get out from something that you are struglling long, you have to put efforts.

3.) DISCIPLINE: Door is useless without locking system, so that who enters the room completly depends on you, similarly, with discipline in life you have to decide which thoughts or habits you let flow into your mind.

4.) EXPLORATION: Either you open the door of your room or close it you are always having a possibility of exploration with you, only the subjects change. When you open it you are having numerous options to explore the world- the people, the places, the nature, etc. and when you close it you create a opportunity to discover youself, for example Issac Newton did a great part of his work when he was alone, suffering with nervous breakdown.

5.)PSYCHOLOGY: Any door in this world creates two systems one inside and one outside, what you see depends in which part you are. Say there are two world, an imaginary one in which every stuff is according to you and there is a real world.

6.) TRANSPARENT: If doors were like opportunities and if they  were transparent then we would without getting into it we could have get an overview of it and could take better decisions.

7.) COURAGEOUS: A stopper of door when dropped can resist very high velocity wind from one side but still easily moved in other way round, this inspires us to stand tenancious against bad situations in life though retaining an affectionate and cheerful character simultaneously.

8.) FORTITUDE: A door closer makes the door shut down everytime, whether opened vigorously or gently, in this way we can develop in us a diligence to react to harsh situations, and turn back to same life leading morals.

9.) SAFETY: Door is the thing that stands for safety and privacy, hence they have a great significance.

9.) Any door was not a door before it was a door, may be made up of wood, plastic or steel, it has its own story how it reached there, and also has a life a lead ahead.

10.) And finally a point to take care that overdose of creativity has not been delivered-

Doors are a great invention by civil engineers they are of many types-

i.) framed and panelled doors

ii.) glazed doors

iii.) flush doors

iv.) louvered doors

v.) revolving doors

vi.) collapsible steel doors

vii.) rolling shutter doors

Doors in places :-

  • Door County is a county in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. This is also a popular vacation and tourist destination for the people of Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • The Door Peninsula is a peninsula also in eastern Wisconsin. It separates the southern part of the Green Bay from Lake Michigan.

Other uses of Door :-

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