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Do brands rule our lives?

Do Brands Rule our Lives :- The world that we live in today, a majority of the population anywhere are very particular about the things they allow into their life. From owing their allegiance to all Apple gizmos to frowning at the mention of some whisky brand that does not suit their taste to even other minuscule yet profound things like the brand of water they drink, people have evolved to be quite particular about what they prefer. And even when it might seem like something the filthy rich and the uber sophisticated would do, the reality is that even the most ordinary of men and the most common of existences are not free from the rule exerted by brands on our lives.

This explains why so many brand names rule our lives today as if they are almost staples. While these might be unconscious, even unaware manifestations of the way consumerism works, these instances still are poignant in that they serve as a mirror to what the brand game can do and indeed does in the greater scheme of things. From photoshopping images to xeroxing documents, from refreshing ourselves with a bottle of Coca Cola to not quite feeling the punch without our go to brand of popcorn for those movie nights, our lives today are defined by brands. Necessarily, this translates also to finer requisites of life like the clothes we wear, the watch we sport, the bag we carry and of course the phone we flaunt. From dreaming about wearing a Sabyasachi someday even though we know full well of him being another guy out of our league to coveting exclusively a BMW or Audi even when we aren’t even the least interested in a world beyond our books, we tend to yield in to the allure of brands not always by choice as well. To the extent that we go all crazy about labels and stuff even when we aren’t exactly someone to be perturbed much by the inscribed name or the embossed logo on things just speaks about the tremendous influence brands can have on our lives.

Do brands rule our lives?

Yes! Brands do rule our lives:-

  • We always prefer to purchase branded products because; we have an intuition that they are the best.
  • Many of the youngsters prefer to go for branded products because they take it as their style statement.
  • The elite customers never go for any other option rather than going for the branded ones only.
  • Brands endorse their products by the help of celebrities & other influential people to attract the customers by targeting their sentimental inclinations towards the aforesaid personalities.
  • Brands are playing a very important role in the lives of individuals as it indicates their taste & status symbol.

Here we discuss that the brands really rule our lives. we understand “Do brands rule our lives”

No! Brands don’t rule our lives:-

  • A common man never prefers the brand; rather it prefers the quality and the value of its money. Thus it goes for the economic products belonging from each variant.
  • As far as the buying behavior of the common man is concerned, they remain inclined about having a cheaper variant of every product variant with a good quality which can last for a longer period of time by satisfying its immediate requirements.
  • The common buyers who belong from the middle class or upper middle class of our society never go for the branded products with high price tag, they rather go for the less endorsed or less known brands for getting the same product at a lower price range.
  • The common buyers never prefer to go for high priced or elite brands because their pocket never allows them to do so, thus they go for the less known ones.
  • The brands had never mesmerized the common people by their high budget promotional drives, because they prefer to have good food rather spending on good brands or elite brands.
  • Here we discuss that the brands don’t rule our lives. we understand “Do brands rule our lives”


As per the discussion above, it can be concluded that the brands have their own place in the market as well as in the conscience of the people; so we can say that brands partially rule our lives because the inclination and preference towards them (brands) differs from person to person.

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