Good things always arise from good thinking

Good things always arise from good thinking

Good things always arise from good thinking, reflects optimism. It defines our ability to withstand pressure. This can be done only by purifying our mind and peace of mind. In today’s era, with the stress we handle each passing day, peace of mind is a remote possibility.

Good things always arise from good thinking


– If you think well, you start to divert all your efforts to achieve what you want.

– Let’s take an example of population control. If you think good and take this seriously, each one of us can help the country in population control.

– Good thinking eludes negative, greedy and evil thoughts. If you don’t get such thoughts, inevitably good things will happen.

– If you let one evil thought pass across your mind, you are giving way to more evil thoughts.

– When you think well, you start to enjoy life and take each day as it comes. You avoid wracking your head over trivial issues.


– With the challenges we face every day, couple of times we encounter situations beyond our control. This prohibits us from thinking good.

– Always good thinking cannot create good things. We are surrounded by evil people. To deal with such people, good thinking may not help.

– Good thinking alone cannot lead to good things. There are many other factors like corruption etc. that needs to be taken into account.

– We all learn from our mistakes. They help us realize and understand ourselves much better.

– It’s our luck and destiny that matters too. If our luck doesn’t favor us, no type of thinking can help.

Good or bad is decided by our mind. Our mind is usually driven by circumstances. Today, what I feel is good may not be tomorrow. Regardless of whether we think good or not, we must try to work hard to achieve what we want.

What People Think On This Good things always arise from good thinking :-

Yes, I am completely agreed with your thoughts. Good thinking always attracts good things. It is fact that we became as same as we think and our environment reacts according to our thoughts. If we are thinking negative then things also becomes negative. Everything goes to negative but in positive manner everything goes on positively. We should always stable in any condition. History shows us that how great men have faced critical conditions but they never left their optimism. Here is a greatest example of Dr. A.P.J. Kalam who hadn’t the sufficient money to do study but he never felt defeated from critical conditions and reached at new heights. If I personally talk I have an experience in my life which I would like to share with you.

Before two years ago we started our business. We hadn’t known anything about the business because it was our first time. We are ready to deal in soft drinks. I started to go on shop to shop. I was new in the market so no one has ready to give me order. I have tried many of times but all in vain. I got fed up, but my father taught me the lesson of patience. After some days orders has started automatically. It was outcome of my hard work. A person shouldn’t lose own courage in any condition.

I would say there should be a person in everyone’s life who can give you own shoulder for rest of your head and would be able to encourage you.

Believe in yourself and god. God always gives us a right way.

Punit :- 
As an example: Mrs. Indira Gandhi, as a chief minister, gave a notice to all of the Indian that they can take maximum 2 children as the population was increasing day by day. In this present day I think she was right and I admit that she was a good thinker because she wanted to do good for our country. But at that moment many of the people refused to do so and Mother Teresa told that child is a gift of God so one who can’t rare their child give them to her, she would rare them.

I think that Mother Teresa had a golden heart, she was also a good thinker, she always thought for common poor people. And as a result population is increased. India is one of the populated country. For high population there are so many problems in India.

So, I think always good thinking does not bring good result.

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