Life without phone

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Life without phone

It is said that to live life 5 things are required-water, air, cloth, shelter etc. but in today s Generation to live life mobile and internet are required. Mobile has become basic necessity for the every person today. The simple beggar even hold mobile improve the communication speedily now a days mobile are very important technology invented by a man. People can live without food but people can’t live without mobile and it is the truth.

Nowadays, mobile phone has become a part of people’s everyday life. The used of it is varied between each group of people. Smart phones, for example, has combine the 3G Internet access service in which allow consumers to share their information on the social networking website anytime and anywhere. Generally, mobile phone is use in order to interact and communicate within each other. “Many adult have the sense that the use of mobile telephony among teens is a thing apart. They experience teens as having a competence and a style of use that distinguishes them.” Moreover, the adoption of mobile telephony among teens or younger generation happens very quickly. Apart from using as a coordinator tool, mobile phone has become one of a fashion accessory among this younger generation group

Life without phone

Points To Speak : Life without phone

Due to phones, now many people are preferring virtual lives to focus on maintaining real connections. With this, so many people are feeling lonely. This is causing social anxiety issues too. Without phones, there would have been much more face-to-face interactions.

The invention of smartphones increased the number of distractions for us. Without phones, our focus will improve.

No one can deny this fact that cell phones are considered as one of the biggest distractions of our daily life today, as whenever we are doing any important work we always get distracted from notifications tones and unable to concentrate on that particular task which we have to complete on a priority basis. So it’s much better to live in a world without mobile phones so that you can simply get rid of the problem of distraction which prevents you from delivering your best in any specific work.

Nowadays it is very common to hear about such people in the news who have been a victim of everyday increasing cybercrime in the whole world. So many deceptive people got themselves engaged in lots of fraud activities like fake phone calls, fake emails or even cracking your important passwords. Like your financial apps, social networking apps which contains your private and confidential information which can cause you heavy damage and losses. Therefore a world without cell phones is preferable when it comes to social security and privacy.

According to several types of research and experiments were done by world-renowned scientists, one of the major reasons for various skin problems is the surface of your mobile phones which is contaminated by different types of bacteria. Even your phone is considered to be the main reason behind so many other dangerous diseases like brain cancer, weakness in your immune system, the risk of decreasing eye vision or even increasing your stress levels as well. Thus you can clearly imagine how your Life without a cell phone would be like.

Continuous use of phones and 24/7 availability is causing anxiety issues for many. Earlier people used to ask whether they can meet, but now people are expecting 24/7 availability on phones from everyone.

Now digital detox is becoming famous. Pausing phones for a while helps in leading a peaceful life and to understand how to utilize cellphone without getting trapped by them

The biggest disadvantage of our life without a phone is that we are unable to communicate with our relatives and friends sitting far away from us. We all know that in past the methods of communication for sending messages from one place to another used to take a lot of time which can’t get fit anywhere in today’s fast-paced life.

We often saw that cell phones work as a boon in several emergency situations like calling our family doctor when someone in our family really needs it. Even when we are traveling to any remote location where we don’t know where to go next, even in that situation our phone will guide us with the inbuilt GPS tracker and through Google maps you can easily find your way towards your destination which is simply impossible in a world without cell phones.

When it comes to studies of our kids, you can simply experience how cell phones affect our lives as with the help of Google and so many other educational apps our little ones can easily find the solutions of their day to day home assignments. Even our business needs mobile phones to get in touch with several clients and customers for orders and supplies, cell phones play an important role in the smooth running of our business enterprise.

With the help of smartphones we can perform several tasks at the same time as paying our utility bills, sending important official emails, can receive the message of an urgent meeting with clients or can communicate with several people at the same time with the help of social media and instant messaging apps installed in our phone like Whatsapp and hike messenger. So it is pretty hard to imagine our world without mobile phones.


There is no doubt that we got a boon in the form of mobile phones from modern day technology, we use our Smartphones to complete every small task today which makes our life easier and faster. But on the other hand it has slowed our brain development especially in our children, do you really think that we can’t survive without mobile phones or our life without a cell phone would be like slow and hard. Nothing like this will happen if we control the use of our Smartphones and only use it for the purpose of completing our important tasks, because through its excessive use, you will always be stuck in doing unnecessary things and can’t pay attention towards the significant tasks of your life.

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