( Best ) Is India a Soft Nation?

Is India a Soft Nation?

India is democratic and soft nation country. India’s constitution and legislated are made under democracy rules. But it doesn’t mean that we are living in civilized country most crimes, scams, corruption is happening because of soft or democratic rules. Anyone can do anything without any fear. For an example a illiterate or unwise person can become politician and designate as leader without checking his knowledge, skills or aptitude and then same person create crisis for our country. We are waiting for rarest crime or brutal incident and once such thing happen then we started to think to reform laws or change constitute. We don’t have strict rules and regulations because of soft nation and that soft skills cannot help our country to take growth.

Is India a Soft Nation?

Is India a Soft Nation? 

India is acted as a soft nation from the last 50 years.By our soft nature,we made lot of mistakes.Some mistakes never takes back.This is great failure of our nations great leaders jawaharlal Nehru,
Lalbahudur sastri,Indira Gandhi ,Rajeev Gandhi and Vajpayee strategically during their tenures.

Our country bears cost of thousands of people lives, cost of peacefulness of crores of peoples every year due to our great national leaders blunder mistakes.I have given some of the examples for these strategic mistakes.

1. India won on Pakistan on 4 occasions in different wars.but, why our govt. didn’t try to get back Pakistan occupied Kashmir(POK)in all these occasions.Now, Pakistan create terrorist training establishments in P.O.K and sending them to strike down on our people and army lives.It means, technically ,Pakistan providing training to terrorists on our soil and sending to attack our country.Even Indian army knows how many terrorist camps running by Pakistan, where it was.But,our govt. didn’t dare to attack atleast those camps.But, whenever Pakistan taking about Kashmir, our govt, responded as Kashmir is integral part of India.

Now India has spent thousands of crores on maintaining lacks of army people in kasmir to protect from terrorists.

2. India endorsed China’s candidature for permenant membership in United Nations when it is offered to India by Nehru.Now , even Indian govt. put all its efforts to get permenant membership in the proposed restructure of U.N , China has not supported our candidature even U.S,U.K has ready to endorse our candidature.Due to its permanent membership in U.N and financial stability ,China can take any decision against U.S and countries if it wants.but, Indian government does not have that much dare to go against those countries.

3. India has going back from war zone by believing China promise not go for war under china leadership jut by blindly believing.No country has believing china’s foreign plicy based on its track record.but.Nehru believed china.The results is china attacked our country and occupied our land and never given back.Our govt. didn’t try for that occupied land.China still says that Arunachal Pradesh is part of its land.Even Indian govt. has not strongly condemned.Soft, its says , after day/two, it is part of our country for face saving in the media.

These examples are enough to know how much soft Our leaders and govt. on protecting our country’s integrity and showing power on foreign countries.

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