( Best ) Movies breed crime

Movies breed crime

Movies breed crime

Movies breed crime

Violence in the media has been a concern over a long period of time. People raise concerns about scenes of violence in films, television and other forms of media and this have lead to several laws being passed, each restricting content in television, films etc. In the twenty first century, a new form of media has been shoved into limelight, the media these days have very strong approach towards things happening around the world. It does influence people and their activities around the globe.

Do you remember Shah Rukh Khan’s Darr (1993)? The story revolved around a boy who starts obsessing over a girl. He goes on to stalk her, befriend her fiancé and kidnap her. In 2016, in a somewhat similar manner, a 24-year-old girl — an employee of Snapdeal — was stalked by a man in Delhi and later kidnapped. The man, whose intention was to ‘marry’ her, later confessed when interrogated by the police that he was inspired by Khan’s character in Darr.

  • In many movies, the lead character hurts and kills villains and then the movie ends. They do not get punished by law nor do they get judged by society for their crimes. In general, people get connected with lead characters and tend to imitate them. So, these kinds of movies are a bad influence and can breed crime.
  • It imparts a negative effect on children’s mind. It disturbs the tranquillity. The adolescent is the main phase of an individual’s growth. Whatever children observe from their surrounding they try to inculcate in them.
  • Violent crime scene also increases criminal activity in our society. Many criminals have confessed that they were inspired by a particular movie and used the techniques shown in that movie to conduct the crime.
  • Many bad films create stereotypes against women. They show women discrimination, abuse, domestic violence etc. This hampers women empowerment.
  • Not particularly Violence, because self-defence action scenes need Violence (like Avengers & Captain America), but particularly films “GLORIFYING CRIMES, CRIMINALS, SEX, RAPES, PORNOGRAPHY” should be banned because these encourage teenagers to follow same (like shows in AltBalaji), these can make children desperate for sex & crimes, develop fetish in them & can ruin their entire life, filling dirt in their minds when today there is so much around us, child trafficking & assault sites are so much, we need to have an innocence & real-matured ppl to repair this society rather making it worse, today nearly all OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Voot, Zee & Balaji are showing crap but Disney Hotstar & Sony new originals are glorifying awareness & reporting of Crimes, that’s good, little change,
  • Violence is not always a bad option to deal with some situations. Sometimes violence is a better way out than over tolerance. Because people who are busy in increasing your troubles in daily life, exalt you in the degree of cowardness. If MOVIES are showing violence to reveal the good, moral and ethical aspects of violence, coherent like whistle blowing etc then I don’t think there is any problem to show such things in movies.
  • Talking about crime, if they are showing crime to aware people with a threatening moral to the public that after watching what happened to criminal at the end, people will not even dare to dream to try those crimes in real life.
  • Instead of raising our loud voice to band the “violent and crime” scenes, we should have be more concern about to stop showing “THE ADULT CONTENT AND NAKEDNESS OF WOMEN & NUDITY” which is ridiculously popular and important content of movies, which are proving a big hand to ruin ethical balance of our society & locality.

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