Books vs Movies

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Books vs Movies

Similar would be the case if we were to choose between two modes of keeping your mind active, an experience that’s sensory as well, while being an exercise to enhance the creativity of your mind as well.
Books vs Movies

Books vs Movies

  • Books Vs Movies are important in many aspects. They both have different roles to play.
  • One is more important than another. Which one is important? For someone, a Movie is important.
  • For Others, Books are important. How do we decide which one is important?
  • Books are always important in many aspects to have a sharp mind and be more creative.
  • One needs to read good books. Regular reading of books is good for mental health and get to learn new things.
  • Movies are good at watching. But to make a movie out of the book. We can take only limited things from the book to make the movie interesting.
  • Many things get left out. If we look at the Harry Potter series. We have adopted the whole movie from the Books.
  • But not everything gets covered in the movie. There is no doubt that the movie is good.
  • But by reading the book a person can improve his vocabulary, English, Broaden his mind, a creative mind, Etc.
  • People who like reading books will understand. Why it is important to read books.
  • People who don’t like reading would prefer watching a movie based on the book.
  • Movies are no doubt good. But Books have an upper hand as compared to moves.
  • Books need time & dedication to reading. Not everyone has the patience to read a 300 or 400-page book
  • movies usually last for 2 to 3 hours. Their main purpose is for Entertainment and nothing else.
  • Books need a lot of focus to read and movies do not need so much focus to watch it.
  • Movies are available at a particular time in theatre, we can read books during the day.
  • A person watching a movie is seeing it live. The person is a passive recipient.
  • In a book, A person can actually visualize a scene in his mind to improve his thought process.
  • Any movie could get produced on a good book, no book could get written from a movie.
  • movies don’t give a lasting impression on the person. But books definitely live a good impression on the person reading it.
  • A passionate reader of good books knows the importance of reading on an everyday basis.
  • books are an important asset for that person. He can survive without anything. But books are very important to him.
  • They are the source of knowledge for him. It makes him feel composed and is at peace with himself.
  • movies portray books and all the characters in it. Still, some chapters get left out as it is not possible to showcase them.
  • books are very important for all age groups of people. They play a vital role in the development of human beings.
  • All the people in jobs such as CEOs, MDs, Executives Directors have a good habit of reading books.
  • The human brain requires exercise. That could get managed by reading books.
  • So it’s important to read good books.
  • There is no doubt that books are better and more educational.
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1. Books train our brain and develop thinking processes.

There’s a wide-spread and motivated belief that books make you smarter, broaden your outlook, and enhance cognitive performance. Books fall to the intellectuals’ lot, as people who rule the world are usually avid readers.

Scientists at Stanford University proved that the process of reading trains the cognitive abilities of the brain. This effect doesn’t occur when watching TV or playing computer games.

This is supported by the opinions of so many successful people who praise books, such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Oprah Winfrey. So, if you want to be successful, you definitely shouldn’t give up on books!

2. Books have more potential to enrich your experience.

Arguably, words are much more powerful than movie images. This is especially true if we talk about a narration created by a marvelous writer. The piece of art as a whole work might be incredibly influential.

It’s sufficed to remember that so many sacred books (e.g. the Bible, Koran, Torah) and even secular ones have been constantly changing people’s outlook throughout history.

Words give a lot of room for your interpretation and imagination, which potentially can evoke more emotions within you and enrich your experience while movies construe a plot and often change the original narrative.

3. Books are irreplaceable for diving into the culture.

If you want to know a certain people’s culture better, you’d better read their books. Watching movies would be not preferable in this case. As the outstanding author Ray Bradbury claims:

“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

That is, we are deeply rootedin our culture and books are irreplaceable. Reading isoften a more habitual and accessible form of leisure. Therefore, books are like our business cards.


1. Movies are more alluring, visually appealing, and considered by many as more enjoyable.

Let’s be frank—most of us just love movies. To a greater degree, films are a part of popular culture, which functions partly to reduce stress. Here’s what Carmen Gaming posted on

“Movies just have that vibe everyone loves. It’s more relaxing, too! In movies, you can tell if a character is mad, sad, happy, drunk, and more. In books, you only read words.”

Sometimes, it’s even plausible to enjoy movie adaptations. Even intellectual readers love to go to the movies once in a while. So, movies are not all that bad.

2. Movies can unite people socially, books are rarely read in a group. 

Nothing much to add here. Watching a movie is the perfect activity for a party. For example, people would rarely go on a date to read a book. They would more likely go to the movies.

3. Movies are helpful for those who can’t or aren’t very good at reading.

There are quite a lot of people who just can’t read books. They have conditions such as ADHD or dyslexia.

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