Sydney Sweeney said she accepts gigs because she "has to" in order to survive.

After securing a part in the Emmy-winning HBO series Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney quickly gained

 She portrays Cassie Howard in the programme, a well-liked cheerleader 

who is always seeking approval from everyone around her (especially men).

Although Sweeney had experience in the entertainment industry before to landing the series

it is clear that Cassie has become her most recognisable role; in fact

the actress has already gotten two Emmy nominations for the role.

Since appearing in Euphoria, Sweeney's career has really taken off. She even got a tiny part in Quentin Tarantino

Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margo Robbie are in Hollywood.

The native of Washington has now gone on to book further episodic projects including The White Lotus.