After a court ruled against LIV this week, golfers who left the LIV for the PGA Tour would not be

Golfing prodigy Rory McIlroy expressed satisfaction with the outcome and referred to LIV Golf

as a "sideshow," and now Justin Thomas is joining the criticism.

Thomas sent a somewhat direct message to the LIV Golfers in an interview after the news broke

Additionally, it seems like he made fun of LIV golfer Bryson DeChambeau.

According to Jason Sobel, Thomas stated, "You can have your cake, but you don't have to eat it, too.

"And they received their due portion of a huge quantity of cake; go devour

" It's not necessary to bring it with you on our trip. Thomas' direct post seems to be in response

 DeChambeau's strange comparison of LIV Golf to a brand-new pizza restaurant made