Uma Pemmaraju, a former Fox News anchor, dies aged 64; Megyn Kelly and others lament her passing

Fox News Channel revealed Tuesday that former anchor Uma Pemmaraju had passed away

Uma Pemmaraju was one of FOX News Channel's original anchors and was on the air the day we started. 

"We are extremely grieved by her passing," Fox CEO Suzanne Scott said in a statement 

 "Uma was a warm, charming lady who had a tremendous amount of skill as a writer.

She was most recognised for her generosity to everyone she worked with."

Pemmaraju started working for Fox News in 1996, hosting the network's early programmes 

 the reason of her death "was not immediately made public." She worked as an anchor for Boston'

CBS affiliate station WBZ-TV before joining the cable news network in 1992

David Wade, a reporter for WBZ-TV, described her death as "a tragic departure for WBZ."