The Serious Scandals HGTV Wishes We Would Forget

Viewers receive an inside glimpse at the lives of regular individuals who soon become just as famous

as A-list celebrities on reality television, which has become a national obsession in the United States.

The shows are (allegedly) unscripted, so anything might happen at any time for drama that makes 

As actual individuals who make errors like the rest of us, network producers also take a risk by putting these folks on-air.

Without conducting adequate background checks, things may quickly

The HGTV network was shaken by the following scandals.

Fixer Upper, a TV show created by Chip and Joanna Gaines, centres on the historic houses that Magnolia

Many of the properties they work on date back to before 1978, when lead-based paint

was outlawed for use on residential buildings, and some are more than 40 years old.