Response from Taylor Swift to Claims She Plagiarized One Of Her Biggest Hits

Taylor Swift is not an exception to the rule that many accusations of plagiarism

Swift recently replied to a 2017 lawsuit brought by Nathan Butler and Sean Hall. "Playas Gon' Play,

Swift is accused by both men of stealing the song's lyrics for her 2014 hit, "Shake It Off."

Swift said in a statement dated August 6 that "The words to 'Shake It Off' were written wholly by me

I have never heard the song "Playas Gon' Play" or the band 3LW until learning about Plaintiffs

LeAnn Rimes, Billy Gilman, and Melissa Etheridge were the only country and folk rock artists

I was not allowed to watch TRL until I was about 13 years old since 

 my parents placed restrictions on what I could watch and listen to.

Swift stated that while attending school in Pennsylvania and Tennessee