How Grace VanderWaal Suffered Following Her America's Got Talent Victory

Grace VanderWaal's 2016 debut on "America's Got Talent" captivated many viewers.

Howie Mandel gave her the coveted Golden Buzzer for her original song "I Don't Know My Name

 which established the tone for her stay on the programme. 

At the age of 12, VanderWaal won first place and the whole competition.

Since then, the singer has continued to release new songs and has appeared in Disney+'s "Stargirl" movie. 

In addition, VanderWaal discussed what it was like to transition from an ordinary child

"I was a little child and had no idea what I was doing," she stated in reaction to her audition all those years ago

"The manner that has simply revolutionised my life is just unreal. 

And now, many years later, I am still in the business. I never imagined I would be doing that."