Chrissy Metz: I "Want to Share My Heart and Soul" in My Music Career

The singer and actress discusses the finale of This Is Us, the beginning of her City Winery

 concert tour, and the value of being your most genuine self in every endeavour you do.

Chrissy Metz, an Emmy and two-time Golden Globe nominee, is showcasing her abilities on stage.

The actress and country singer has recently started her City Winery Tour

during which she will play original songs as she travels the East Coast.

Fans of Metz may be shocked to learn that although the tour has just recently started

she has been working toward a career in music for quite some time.

Since the second season of This Is Us, "some people don't realise that I've been travelling back

 forth to Nashville for, oh, five years now," Metz, 41, tells PEOPLE.