Trendy boy cut for Girles

This side-parted and shaved boy cut style is a perfect option if you like to wear your hair to one side.



Quite popular among celebrities, the undercut is a chic way to get your head shaved, but keep the whole look subtle and approachable.

desi girls know as the 'Katora' cut, the bowl-cut has since evolved from being slightly geeky to uber stylish in modern times.

Modern bowl cut

If your hairdresser has ever advised you against going short for curly hair,

Top heavy curls

A trendy haircut among men of all ages, the fade is also one of the edgiest ones.

Fade haircut

Femme mullet

The newer femme mullet has a lighter, wispier neckline, with a longer and heavier fringe at the front to add more structure to the cut.

Softly cropped

It is also a cleaner version of the pixie, but a bit more shorter and boyish than the traditional girly vibe.

Grown out buzz cut

Similar to the mullet, the buzz cut is also not meant for the weak-hearted.

High pomp

The pomp, or feminine pompadour, is a high-fashion cut commonly seen on the runways and red carpets.