When I interviewed Aubrey Plaza for Cosmo magazine the previous time, the most tense moment of the day was

determining what kind of pie to have for dessert. ( "Are boysenberries available this year?") No. So,

I had to ask, "Why do I keep hearing about them?" Fruit (apple) was obtained. The meaning of "stressful" has shifted 

significantly since July of 2019, but I don't think I need to tell you that. But I'm happy to say that Aubrey

has remained fundamentally, delightfully the same: stubbornly inventive, eternally risk-taking, ineffably cool—and,

of course, odd in a manner that reminds you, continuously, that nothing in life has to be dull or conventional.

She has this incredible ability to make even the most ordinary things seem exciting, and it's this skill that has made her

and her career so intriguing to see. We first saw it in her deadpan performance as April Ludgate,

the bored intern, on Parks and Recreation; now we see it every time she has the opportunity to host a talk show or present an award.