Ellen Dubin's response to the question of what she does for a living is a lung performance that includes guttural,

deeper-than-the-ocean grunts, laughing screeching squeals, and blood curdling screams.

The professional, multiple-award-nominated voice actress says of her video game work, "I literally strained 

groyne doing a voice session." "Voice acting is physically demanding; if I'm not doing the movement, it won't work."

Dubin, whose resume includes the likes of "Dune" and "Skyrim - The Elder Scrolls" and "Fallout 4", claims that video games

provide a new challenge for actors. She can only do things like chase a zombie or play out an injury in one session here.

Dubin, in Toronto a few days after straining her voice in a demon part, says while sipping some throat-soothing lavender tea, 

"These worlds can lead you to some strange places." Other than one, "every single game I've worked on has had some type of voice strain."