A TikToker who has been living in her vehicle for more than two years

A woman's TikTok videos depicting the hardships of living in her vehicle have gone popular.

To conserve money and stay out of debt, Nikita Crump claims to have been living in her Honda

After 1,000 days of sleeping in her vehicle, Crump told Insider that she had saved enough money 

For millennials who are interested in a nomadic lifestyle, living in a mobile home has become more

Nikita Crump, the inventor of TikTok, claims in her videos that life in her Honda Civic is anything

Crump, 31, told Insider that she had to work two jobs and struggle to make rent payments on her $450 

monthly room at a home she shared with roommates in Sacramento

In recent years, many individuals have lost their homes, mostly as a result of the high cost of living.

According to a study by the National Alliance to End Homelessness published in 2021