Examination–Has it killed Education ?

Examination-Has it killed Education?

Examination-Has it killed Education ?


Examination-Has it killed Education? Whenever inquired as to whether examinations are great or awful, the appropriate responses of various people will absolutely contrast. A few people have the sentiment that examinations are great while the others oppose this idea. Examination – has it killed education? it is a big question in front of everyone.

The original intent of education was to teach someone how to think clearly, so that they could continue to learn, to evalaute what they were shown, and to make their own decisions. I do not believe that is the goal of education in this country anymore.

Publicly funded education was started by the Prussians as a means of literally brainwashing their population into accepting whatever propaganda the nation chose to give them. The classes were designed, quite deliberately, so that at the close of the curriculum, the graduates would be “ideal citizens” who would serve the state without question or rebellion.

There has to be some yardstick to judge a student caliber and examination is such a criteria. Otherwise it may kill many patients and advocate would didn’t know where he lags behind in his course. Its true and necessary now that the present day education system needs to be validated otherwise due to pressures and tortures many kids will commit suicide as with study there are many things.

As they are small kids they should be even playing with studying as other curicular activities are also necessary, so the whole of education system need to be changed to make the society and kids more resourceful and enjoyable. Pressures to students will not make the society it will break the assets of our country.

Examination-Has it killed Education ?

Examination-Has it killed Education?

Examination is good

  • It enables the students to remain associated with his books and keep him on his toes.
  • Exams enable the students understanding which will be faced in professional life.
  • Exams help students or candidates to face competition.
  • Examination is a way to judge whether the students understand the concepts or chapters taught in school or not.
  • Examination hasn’t murdered instruction since exams are for trying our retaining limit that what we have till contemplated in our school. According to me, people give more priority to marks than the knowledge that is not good just because how 3 hours paper will not decide our career. There must be a solution of this reason that marks are not a priority. Education is something gives us knowledge about the various thing it’s about the development of our brain. Actually, exams are not the reason for this solution must be a change in our thinking just because our teachers ‘ parents ‘ friend, relatives everyone ask good marks good job.
  • The examination is a procedure that is utilized to comprehend the level of information that an student has. Exams don’t just mean illustrative papers which are constrained to a specific subject or book, as they are in schools. Consider the various competitive exams, they are all objective type with questions that contain a mix of direct answers or implementation of logic using the facts learned. These kind of exams are beneficial as they help in judging the thinking or analytical ability of a student.
  • Current education system is currently based on the descriptive format papers. But this is slowly changing. Education is not dead, it is now going to be reborn according to the changing times.

Examinations are unnecessary

  • Exams pointlessly pressurize the students or candidates.
  • In India particularly, there are numerous exams every year. Student barely has any time for extracurricular activities.
  • The vast majority of the exams structure and configuration are not adequate to assess the genuine capacities of the students.
  • Exams in India depend on marks. Grades can be an appropriate component.
  • Examination is extremely pressurizing students life. Consider a Btech as an eg. One semester ordinarily runs max to max for 4 months, in this period  one needs to give some of the internal exams, final exams, last test of the years and the occasions included it. Tell after giving all these exams whether one has seen the change in ourselves as an engineer? No, one has to just increased  memorizing capacity. Don’t forget that Education is Knowledge which makes every student to be well disciplined in his life.  So final advice is to stop the examination and stop the student’s limitations because there are a lot of things present outside, other than examination which we have to look upon.

What is Education?

Education develops the thinking of a person. It develops the thought process. Education is not about passing an exam or getting good grades. It’s also not about getting a good job after being educated. It’s an enlightening process. In schools, we are taught subjects viz Social Sciences or Poetry not as one day we will earn due to knowledge of such subjects. Social Science grows our knowledge about this world and Poetry enhances us in expressing ourselves. We start earning due to our interest or proficient understanding of a particular subject. Examination is there to assess the knowledge we gained at a particular time.

A person is referred as an Educated Person when he is humble, intellectual, knowledgeable and kind. Being educated and being financially successful is two different thing and totally unrelated. However, examination has become a very important link between the two. Examination certifies a person’s knowledge at every step of learning process. It’s very easy to distinguish who is grasping the knowledge quickly and who is intellectual by way of examination. Those who excel in these exams have more chances to achieve success in life and do better in career. They are approached readily by organisations for jobs. They have been certified by examination that they are intellectual and they possess the knowledge well enough in a particular field which enable them to do requisite work swiftly.

However, as in our current education system, the biggest issue is that it has become exams oriented, instead of being education oriented. Today, nobody is interested in training students and to really measure their knowledge and understanding on the subject.  Everyone is just focused on grades and marks. As a result, today’s exams are not a good criteria to assess their genuine education skill, but they have just become a measurement of one’s retention skills. As a result, students have only one goal of how to perform professionally in the examinations. Nobody pays attention to actually gaining knowledge. They are not inclined to go an extra mile and do research which may give them better understanding of the subject.

It’s a sad reality that this kind of system prepares students for materialistic success and monetary gains. The fundamental education has gone in the background and students have lost the focus of learning.


Depending upon the situation we need to understand the need and change the pattern of examination. It should be based on knowledge rather than memories everything and forget after exam.

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